People ask me how I got started in winemaking.  My response is that, “My mother was French, it’s in my genes”. It only took a few visits to France and I got hooked into the Aperitif and Amuse Goulle, Wine with Dinner, Digestif and Espresso side of life.


Back home, in ’94, along comes the help of Brooks Painter, and then Adam Tolmach, both renowned and award winning winemakers, and I’m making wine at my “Chateau”.  A few seasons of experiencing success and failure, winemaking comes into focus. Then, I meet Vineyard Developer Martin Ramirez and begin to understand the importance of making wine “in the vineyard”. With a decade of collaboration with Martin, five years working at The Ojai Vineyard and then three years at Casa Barranca, I’m bringing my years of experience and passion to craft these local grown grapes into Clos des Amis locally made fine wines.


My winemaking has been influenced by two different approaches, one clinical, one artisanal. This combination provided the importance of process, cleanliness,  and  science, and the other, the attributes of taking risks, creating wine by one’s senses, and using laboratory results for assurance.


The methods I employ would be considered “non-interventionist”, the idea here is that diligence in the vineyard and proper procedures in the winery help craft the wines without unnecessary manipulation. I gently do what is necessary to create these handcrafted wines from vineyard to cellar to bottle, and I do it thoughtfully.


I hope you enjoy these wines.